You asked for it, you got it!

Our Brewmaster has handcrafted a great-tasting, crisp, clean, lower alcohol ale. This beer delivers the full flavoured taste and complexity you have come to expect from Cannery Brewing.

Some of you may have first heard of this beer as No Jail Pale Ale. Liability issues would not allow us to use this cool name. It appears that liability has no sense of humour. So we renamed it to No Justice Pale, we redid the packaging and it is now available in bottles in your favourite liquor stores.

They can censor the name, but not the taste! Sweet Justice Indeed!

Enjoy this funny take on the name change.

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Available on tap at select restaurants and pubs in BC. Ask for it by name. No Justice Pale!

IBU's% AlcoholColour
27 3.0% Amber

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No Justice Pale

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