Cannery Brewing, R&B Brewing, Townsite Brewing and Old Yale Brewing worked together with CBC Radio 3 and four awesome Canadian bands to launch Canadian Band Beer. We created Pink Mountainhops Maibock after Vancouver rock ‘n’ roll band Pink Mountaintops.

This strong, dry-hopped maibock is a full-bodied German-style lager. Created with classic German malts and noble hops, it is a malt forward beer, with a surprising hop complexity.

This beer launched on June 7, 2013 and was the 4th beer in the inaugural CBCMusic.ca Canadian Band Beer series. It all started with the tweet #CDNbandbeer, from CBC Radio 3 host, Grant Lawrence. From there the hashtag trended on twitter and inspired a flood of replies from CBCMusic.ca followers who submitted beer names after great Canadian musical acts. Ben Didier of CBC Music designed a set of fake labels and before long Old Yale Brewing Company’s Jeremy Sibley was recruiting members of British Columbia’s vibrant craft beer community to help make them a reality. For more information, click on the following link.


This beer is available in a 650ml bottle and on tap at locations within BC.

IBU's% AlcoholColour
40 6.5% Copper

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Pink Mountainhops

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